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Enhancing marketing, one community at a time.

Moore & Associates is a boutique consulting firm with a single focus: public transportation.

Since 1991, we have provided a broad array of services – including transit program evaluation and planning, marketing and public communications, market research and surveys, performance audits, and Transportation Demand Management – for nearly 200 public transportation organizations coast-to-coast. Throughout our history we have maintained a reputation based on insight, integrity, and innovation.

Whether you are launching a new route, evaluating an existing program or service, assessing customer and community needs, planning for future development, ensuring state or federal compliance, or seeking marketing assistance, Moore & Associates can help enhance mobility in your community.

At Moore & Associates, your community comes first.

Home Page_Getting off busWe understand and appreciate that every community is unique.

Further, the real customer is the individual rider or program participant. Given the diversity of needs and priorities present in most communities, addressing mobility needs in a practical, sustainable, and cost-effective manner requires insight and innovation. At Moore & Associates, we never rely on “off the shelf” solutions simply because they may have worked somewhere else. Rather, we spend time “on the ground” in each client community we serve, objectively identifying mobility needs and priorities, quantifying demand, and gauging the current political environment.

Since 1991, this approach has translated to mobility strategies that are customer-centric, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Isn’t it time you got Moore?

Every Moore & Associates team member shares a passion for improving mobility in every community in which we work. Our public transportation focus allows us to provide innovative solutions that embrace multiple disciplines: planning, marketing, market research, and performance audits. Our project approach allows us to take a project from concept to implementation in a timely manner while assisting clients with funding applications and logistical details.

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